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Stone Structures to Enhance Your Garden’s look!

Here are Some Ideas for Incorporating Stone in the your Hardscape Plan

The possibilities for stone structures in our area are endless. On this page you will find some examples on how stone can be used and what it can do for your yard.
Stone can be used to build stone walls, which are extremely beneficial and multi-purpose.  Here is how stone walls can be used:

  • As a separator between an outer and inner lawn, when built parallel to a street;
  • To enhance the edges of a driveway, when built on the sides of it;
  • As borders, for example in vegetable gardens or between flower beds;
  • As a retaining element to prevent erosion.

There are numerous types of stone that can be used for building walls in the Crofton area. Click here to get a few ideas.
All these stone walls require different techniques of construction, depending on their function. For example when building a retaining wall, one needs to consider that this wall is meant to hold a lot of weight and withstand the climate’s freeze and thaw cycles while at the same time looking good. Also, depending on the size and weight of the stones used to construct the wall, the tools and materials for the project will vary.

Other Ways in which Stone Can Be Used:

  • To build patio floors/walls
  • To create paths, including garden stepping-stone walkways
  • To build cold frame walls
  • To put up columns as support to car ports, as well as pergola columns
  • As foundations for gazebos and other outbuildings  
  • To construct outbuildings made entirely of stone
  • As foundations for porches and decks
  • As accent pieces for water and rock gardens

Through our years of experience, our professional team has the expertise to construct any kind of rock structure to best meet each customer’s individual needs!

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